How to Avoid Premature Reconciliation

Published: 15th March 2010
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You have gone through a painful break up, you are hurting and all you think about is reconciliation with your ex. There is hope that you can achieve, maybe you have heard that your ex has not got into any new relationship, or possibly you still have some contact. Take care do not rush things at stage, slow and easy is the way to proceed.

First thing to do is to call your ex and arrange to meet for say a talk over a coffee on neutral ground, someplace that you may have been before, so that it will be casual and non-threatening environment for you both.

They agree to meet up, you are so up about the prospects for the 'date' just remember to take it slow and easy. The coffee date goes well and it appears that the flame still burns, keep it short say 20 minutes and leave. The idea is to make your ex wanting to meet again, try to make another date and Yippee! your ex agrees.

On the second date you can take your possible reconciliation a stage further and the date a little longer, remember slow and easy! The date goes well and it starts to feel like it used to between you, do not rush allow the friendship to redevelop before going on to physical intimacy.

Do not go too far too quickly, if your ex wants to get together for another date and brings up the chance of you getting back together first, try and respond by saying something like "Great, just let's take it slow and see how it goes." When talking and/or emailing advice to people in this position, always go through my advice on how to avoid premature reconciliation, woman in particular, almost always regret their mistake of 'sleeping' with their ex too some.

Taking the reconciliation too quickly, getting too deep too soon, will slow down or even stop the complete reconciliation process. Slow things down, renew your friendship first, take all the stops along the way just like you did at the beginning of your time together.

Your motto should be "Take it slow and see how it goes.", this way you will give yourself more chances of "avoiding premature reconciliation" and making the reconciliation permanent.

I hope this advice has been useful, remember do not be tempted to rush things, give yourselves time to take these emotional steps, you have created the best possible conditions for a positive outcome. Space in this article will not allow me give to you more advice on, take a look at here for more advice How can I win my ex back.

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