Tom Janic

name Tom Janic married (with all the usual ups and downs) for 42 years to the same wonderful lady. Has spent a lifetime in the hosptality industry and for many years has been advising on relationships and marriage problems on a friendly and information basis

How to Avoid Premature Reconciliation

15th March 2010
You have gone through a painful break up, you are hurting and all you think about is reconciliation with your ex. There is hope that you can achieve, maybe you have heard that your ex has not got into any new relationship, or possibly you still have some ... Read >

Reverse Psychology the Simplest Way to Win Your Ex Back

15th March 2010
Reverse what? What's he talking about , far too complicated, but it is not. It just means that you use simple methods of making your ex take notice of what you are doing and not ignoring you. So the first thing you need to do to win your ex back, is to se... Read >

Getting Back Together After a Break Up- 3 Positive Steps

03rd March 2010
After the breakup - you will be hurting, you cannot believe it is over and you will not accept it. All you think about it getting back together after your break up, you can make reconciliation possible if you really work at getting it to happen. If you ab... Read >